Gary Ross, Suzanne Collins och Nina Jacobson om castingen

Lionsgate släppte uttalanden om varför de valde Josh och Liam som Gale och Peeta:

Regissören Gary Ross om Peeta och Josh:
“When I read the book, I thought Peeta would be the hardest role to cast, and I feel so lucky that we found someone who embodies every aspect of such a complex character. I can’t wait to work with Josh.”
Suzanne Collins om Josh som Peeta:
"I was fortunate enough to be in the room with Gary Ross when Josh came in to audition. Three lines into the read I knew he'd be fantastic. Josh totally captured Peeta's temperament, his sense of humor and his facility for language. I'm thrilled to have him aboard."
Producenten Nina Jacobson om Gale och Liam:
“Gale is a young man who uses words very sparingly, so the onus was on the actor we cast to capture him by showing, not telling. This was accomplished so beautifully in Suzanne’s writing, and Liam was able to translate it so naturally to the screen. At the same time, Gale’s journey across the three books transforms him, and Liam’s performance left no doubt that he would take us there. ”
Demi Lovato Sweden

hej såg nyss en bild på där miley cyrus där hon läste "the hunger games" boken..kom då och tänka på din blogg,för jag har ju dig på mina länkbyten..så här har du bilden;

2011-04-07 » 21:25:34

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