Glad påsk önskar Hungergamesweden!

Glad påsk alla läsare! Hoppas ni har en jätte bra påsk med mycket godis and may the odds be ever in your favor!

EXKLUSIVT uttalande från Amandla Stenberg med Hungergamesweden!

När Amandla Stenberg blev castad så tog jag iniativet och mailade henne och nu har jag fått svar! Här är hela svaret.


Thanks for contacting me. Did you know that Stenberg is a Swedish name? My father is actually Danish and was born and raised in Copenhagen. In 2007, I visited Denmark and had an amazing time visiting with family and friends - even though it rained the entire three weeks we were there. :)


I never got the chance to meet my Danish grandparents, Tage and Ena Stenberg who are both deceased. But I have a violin that belonged to Tage. My grandmother, Ena, was from Greenland so I'm part Inuit. She was a radio personality and singer in Denmark who performed with a group called Mik that sang at the World's Fair in New York in 1964. Someday I want to track down her recordings so I can hear her.


This may be more than you want to know about my Danish heritage, but because you're in Sweden, I thought you might be interested. Plus I'm proud of my Scandinavian roots!


I am so excited to be playing Rue in THE HUNGER GAMES. Because I was already a fan of the books - I've read the first one five times - the audition process was really exciting. I'm looking forward to working Gary Ross and the rest of the HUNGER GAMES cast and crew. And I just know that meeting Suzanne Collins will be a real thrill. I read an interview in which she said that she's planning to be on set when Rue dies. OMG!!!


There's a bunch of information on my website. It should help with any basic info you need.

Thanks again!

And may the odds be ever in your favor!


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Jag ser verkligen fram emot att se henne som Rue! Eller hur? Jätte gullig och verkar jätte snäll. Här är länk till hennes hemsida


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Välkommen till Hungergamesweden

Hej och välkomna till hungergamesweden.

Här kommer jag skriva om alla nyheter relaterade till hungerspelen trilogin.
Denna fansida är för alla svenska Hungergames fans så ni kan hålla er uppdaterade om allting.


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