Intervju med Suzanne Collins

The New York Times har en bra ny intervju med Suzanne Collins. Intervjun inkluderar saker som; hennes bakgrund, påverkan av krig och teman i The Hunger Games trilogin, skrivning av The Underland Chronicles och mycket mer.

On bring The Hunger Games to the big screen:

“Battle Royale” does present an interesting precedent in one respect. When it was adapted into a film in Japan in 2000, politicians denounced its gory youth-on-youth violence, even as the Japanese film academy nominated it for nearly every prestigious award. The makers of the “Hunger Games” movie hope to avoid a similar controversy. The director, Gary Ross, has pledged that it will be safe for viewers as young as 12. But it is one thing to depict bloodshed on paper, another to do so on film. Collins was enlisted to write the original script. Ross, whose films include “Big” and “Pleasantville,” completed the final treatment, consulting heavily with Collins. In February, she flew out to Los Angeles to discuss sets, costumes and changes to the script.

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